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Welcome Web Design / IT Expert Seminar

Supratek Information Consult maintains a competitive edge in the dynamic technological era of today by offering our customers a one stop solution for their Information and Communication Technology needs at competitive rates, implementing cutting edge technology in our services and solutions, and having the best talent in IT to respond to our customers needs. [More >>]

The growth in size and use of the World Wide Web services of the Internet is becoming rapid and explosive. Various individuals, business organization, non-profit organization, governmental agencies, educational / research institutions and media houses are embracing the web as a means to disseminate information, transact business and provide support to their customers.
This growth is making it imperative for individuals and various organizations to have a presence on the web else they are ostracized from the “global village”. The implication of this is that there would be an increasing need for the services of skilled web developers, graphics artists, and web programmers who would all work together to deliver the contents of the web using state-of-the-art tools and technologies.
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